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Best Returns
Vast Liquidity
DePlutus Protocol, empowers Decentralized Asset Management in DeFi.

Key Features

For Professional Investors

Professional investors can initiate decentralized on-chain funds by creating asset pools, and trade on DEX with the DePlutus Protocol and smart contracts.

For Retail Investors

Ordinary investors can achieve positive returns by depositing crypto assets into a variety of funds, managed by fund managers and elite traders worldwide. Investors can gain additional liquidity by staking the ownership of the fund for liquidity mining while claiming platform tokens as rewards.

Trading ROT

Investor assets are secured via Smart Contracts with total transparency for every on-chain transaction. Fund managers can only trade whitelisted crypto assets and do not have permission to withdraw assets before redemption.

Core Team

The key members of DePlutus consist of elite researchers, scientists, and business executives with diverse backgrounds and financial resumes, including Wall Street, the tech industry, and research institutes in North America. Our collective expertise ranges across the fields of economics, cryptography, and game theory.

Andrew Shi

Project Lead

Founder of ECO Forum, an early investor in Bitcoin, and a promotor of cryptocurrency. He translated “Banking 3.0,” the Chinese Edition, and served as Secretary of Wall Street Blockchain, an N.G.O. focused on promoting blockchain technology. Mr. Shi graduated from the School of Finance and Management in London.

Bo Hong

Tech Lead

Former principal software engineering manager at Microsoft HQ (United States) and project owner of the SDET program. Mr. Hong has many years of research experience in distributed databases and is a senior researcher in Bitcoin and distributed technologies.

David Zhang

Business Lead

CFA, with many years of experience in global asset management and the blockchain industry. David is the translator of “SnowBall,” the Chinese Edition.

Decater Collins

Marketing Lead

An expert in digital marketing, and dedicated to promoting blockchain and the decentralization concept. He is the founder of The Hood Collective, a content creation and marketing company focused on online promotion.


Phase 1 (Done)

Enable registered fund managers to initiate funds on the DePlutus platform and trade whitelisted crypto assts via DEX. Investors can deposit into the target fund and receive fund-specific tokens proportional to their ownership. Fund-specific tokens can be sold before the maturity date or redeemed to withdraw assets.

Phase 2

Launch of perpetual ETF Funds, allowing investors to directly invest in various crypto index funds. The deposited assets can be redeemed at any time. Fund-specific tokens can be traded via DEX, or staked to claim platform tokens in liquidity mining.

Phase 3

Setup the DePlutus asset management chain, enabled by sidechain solutions and powered by Polkadot (and others) for faster transactions and lower gas fees. The new chain will allow seamless connection to sidechains that Uniswap and other DEXs are deployed on, delivering a better overall user experience.

Key Partners

Empowering Decentralized Asset Management in DeFi